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On April 28 – May 5 two specialists of the PARCAT project took part in an international conference EuroBachoTeX 2011 in Bachotek near Brodnica (Poland). The conference was an opportunity to meet users, gurus and creators of modern typographical systems based on TeX alongside with leading Polish typographers.
Grzegorz Murzynowski (DTP engineer) briefly presented the TeX back-end of the PARCAT system used to generate printed version of a catalogue. The presentation underlined last year's development, i.e.,
  • implementation of system of user-configurable parameters,
  • implementation of system of messages (incl. error handling),
  • modularisation of the code,
  • new templates (graphic layouts).
There was also time for informal talks with the gurus, who suggested ways of solving some technical issues arising as the project evolves.

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