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PARCAT system has been successfully implemented in Transfer Multisort Elektronik ( TME is leading electronic components distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, having the assortment of more than 50,000 products on stock.
TME has published mannually a catalogue of the products offered since 1990. The catalogue has been typeset and printed using traditional methods which was a costly procedure as far as translation and typesetting costs are concerned. It impeded the company expansion and prevented TME website development at the same time. After PARCAT system implementation we have been able to reduce the 7 language version catalogue preparation time to 5 hours in the year 2009 (before it took at least 5 weeks for one language version). What is more thanks to a multi-language typesetting process and black-plate versioning the total cost of the catalogue publication has been reduced up to 35%. Also we were able to release simultaneously both paper and web publications.

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