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System Functionalities
PARCAT system is equipped with numerous time- and money-saving processes. The most important of them are listed below.

Product list

PARCAT system allows import of product lists together with accompanying data (i.e. price, producer, extra symbols) from the external programs (including SAP) the client uses. The possibility to use integral PARCAT interfaces to create product lists is another option.


Parametrical description is the easiest and the most effective way to insert and integrate specific data. PARCAT complies a few types of parameters: numerical (quantitative), textual, single vs. multiple value data. If parametrical description seems too formal, PARCAT allows typical text descriptions.

Product description

It is convenient to categorize products you offer in groups. A product group may count one or many items. Items in a given group should share a set of features to unify the description which may be additionally linked to product photos or pictures.

Data preview

At any time you may generate a PDF or HTML file to preview how data will be presented on a website or in print. The preview option may be used also to check a single catalogue chapter. It takes a few seconds to generate a preview file for a group of products to a few minutes for a more lengthy catalogue chapter.

Data translation

PARCAT is equipped with an integral multi-language translating system. New languages may be added to this system. A cooperating translator receives sets of data to be translated in a specific context which eliminates the risk of misunderstanding or meaning modification. Data grouping prevents redundant multiple translation rounds of a given phrase. The system also allows translation process control. Integrated tools allow effective, fast and quality translation at minimum cost.

Catalogue print

PARCAT allows to automatize catalogue typesetting process. Template-based print-ready PDF files are generated in effect. Another advantage of PARCAT is the black-plate change versioning option. It allows to prepare several language versions of a catalogue at one time. Each language version is presented on a separate layer, which greatly minimizes printing costs. The catalogue generated may contain contents lists and indexes. The total time you need to generate a print-ready catalogue does not exceed a few hours.

Data export

PARCAT allows template-based html files processing, which is extremely useful for web publication of product descriptions. Also all information about products, parameters and their values may be exported to xml format. Such files remain a unified clear data presentation useful for webmasters.

Abbreviated product description

It is most useful for selling companies to be able to generate a short abbreviated description of a product whose detailed version is anyway available somewhere else. The mini product info may be placed on different offers, invoices, labels etc. PARCAT system makes it possible to use predefined rules to automatically generate abbreviated product descriptions as well as has integrated mechanisms to successively export these mini texts to other systems used in a company.

PARCAT system allows complex product data management. No matter how many, products you offer are described in a precise, clear and fast way. At optimized costs and high quality product descriptions may be translated into many languages. Prepared descriptions may be presented online on a company website or printed in single- or multi-language catalogues. Optimized typesetting process allows substantial savings in a company. PARCAT system may communicate with and be easily integrated with other systems and programs used in a company.

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