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The Simple version is designed for small and medium companies. It can fullfill their needs regarding products description and management of these data. It enables both to prepare pdf format catalogues (as ready-to-print files) and to supply websites with sufficient information.


The Prime version is conformable with medium companies that expand their assortment and that look for up-to-date solutions regarding products description. The version is aimed to Polish enterprises dealing with sales. It enables both to prepare pdf format catalogues (as ready-to-print files) and to supply websites with sufficient information.

PARCAT Standard

The version with twice as many possibilities as the Prime one. Adjusted to large trade and production companies, oriented towards international development. Like the Prime version - it enables pdf and html files generation.

PARCAT Web edition

This is the economical edition of the Standard version, aimed for those companies that do not need to publish printed catalogues. Possibility of large volume information storage together with the translation option enables to create a powerful website feeding mechanism.

PARCAT Advance

Advanced version, intended for international trade and production enterprises. It enables to store information about large quantities of products and to print multi-language catalogues with the possibility of black plate change. It makes it available to create automatic multi-language simplified descriptions based on the parameters entered. It enables the change of interface language, giving users from outside Poland a possibility to handle the program.

PARCAT Enterprise

Our largest, predefined system version. Designed for international corporations who have large quantities of products in their range of products. Thanks to significant number of languages to be entered, it enables to create descriptions for customers from nearly all over the world. Moreover, it is equipped with all additional functions, such as composition of a black colour version catalogue and automatic descriptions creation.

PARCAT Ultimate

For customers who evaluate their needs beyond the Enterprise version we prepared the special system option - PARCAT Ultimate. The license conditions, the price and the Ultimate version possibilities remain to be individually established with a licensee.

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